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Joel Bisson Oira 317 has my full support, new music from Poland, great dark electro release. Favorite track: Believe -universes-.


released July 11, 2015




Oira 317 Poland

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Track Name: Wingless Angel
I arrived as you asked,
so look into my bloodshot eyes.
Teach me how to be a human.
I feel like a stranger here.
You teach me pain and suffermng.
I'm choking on my own tears.
You painted me my own blood.
I just wanted to love and be loved.

Cage in which your soul lives
manipulated by mind
controlled by human nature
steered by demonic scum.
You slicing my heart.
You slit throats of my children.
Plumage and bones of my wings...
and blood! And blood from my eyes!

I arrived, but i shouldnt.
You're worse than i thought.
I want to fly away, but I don't have wings.
You cut them with great delight,
You swam in my blood.
You stole my plumage.
You won't fly away anywhere.
You cut yourself your own heads.

It's you! Look at the mirror.
It's my shiny blood
spilling out of your mouth
while you smile at them.
Your body come crashing down
cause I don't want you to be here.
You're the one who created me.
I'm child, I'm child of your lies!
Track Name: Believe -universes-
Our reality can not let us
live in our common universe.
I'll never let you go because of my greed
In you I can find what i need.

Do you believe in my spirit?
Do you believe in my mind?
Do you believe I'm an Angel?
Don't believe in my lies.

I am a creature from other universe
our worlds can't unite into one.
I gave you my soul, my life and my heart
but I'll never give you mi mind.
Track Name: Your Umbrella
Please, let me wipe your tears.

Will you look at the shadow on the wall
which will be looking at you?
Drops of our bodies will split together
before evaporate and disappear.
One moment of our love will be
seeling of the past.
Remember me when come upon me
rain of your murderous tears.

Pour over me your tears, despair,
let us fell your sadness.
Let it penetrate our bodies
and dissolve our human shells.
Unleash our sad souls
from the endless fight for life.
Fight that last from birth and will last
to the advent of silence.

Please, leave your umbrella for you,
let it protect you from tears.
Hide under it before Ares
will cry over your head.

If I hurt you, I'm sorry.
Let me wipe your tears.
Please, don't cry over others.
They are not guilty of anything.
I want you crying just for me.
Track Name: Mental Breakdown
Hey, Silence! You are
my only companion in a world
in which i hid.
Hey, Silence! I loved
more than life, you're my lady.
I cuddle up to your chest.
Hey, Silence! In you are
all my thoughts.
Hear the voice of my heart.
Hey, Silence! Only you
can understand me.
Can't you see I'm close to surrender?

Hear the scream for help of an Angel
who can't return to Heaven
cause he lost his wings and cry... and cry...
Hear the scream for help of a human
who can't return to live that
rejected him. He screams... he screams...

Hey Heart! Which has
stopped beating.
Died along with the remnants of hope.
Hey Heart! In which
lurks remnants of feelings
stiffled by fear.
Hey Heart! You want
to beat for your lady but you're afraid
that you will crack.
Hey Heart! Wounded
a thousand times.
Let hurt you again,

Feel, feel the despair of Angel.
He's trapped in the world
he created in his mind.
Feel, feel the despair of human
who couldn't be the human
and he gave up.

Now, now I'm sitting here alone.
Even the Silence left me.
No one remained in my hear.
Now, now i'm sitting here alone.
Nobody will visid me
until I die...
Track Name: Room for Souls
I feel something. Is that you?
Come over here, take your place.
I can not see you, but I know you're here.
Stay with me forever if you can and if you want.

In my foom for our souls
just you and me.
And nobody can find us.
And nobody can hurt you.
Stay here, it's your hime
But without you it's my hell.
You're the one i trust
but I can't show you what i feel.

Your holy gentle soul
is not afraid of my darkness.
Our uniqueness has joined us.
Our souls are now united.

Stay here one more day.
I want to take your cross.
Your sadness is the nail.
And I am your hand.

We sit here.
You're looking at nothing.
You're crying
when i hold your hand.
Your eyes as dark as shadow
look out way in the void.
You can not leave the room
cause you are my way.
Track Name: Lepidoptera
Construction, Destruction, Extinction of my consciousness.
Construction, Destruction, Extinction of my mind.

Today my Angels ascended so high.
Suffering flew away to the sky.
Our love is like a Butterfly.
Let if fly high... high... high...

Majestic flutter of Butterfly wings.
Delightful sound from inside of your chest.
My arms includes your shaped little head.
Beautiful Butterfly soars into the sky.
Track Name: Pale Butterfly
You ran away from the false world.
Now even your senses are trying to deceive you.

Flesh behind the mirror tell you
that your body is decaying from inside.
In reflection you see yourself skinny and pale.
What happened to your black eyes?
They tell you that you lost touch with reality.
They don't understand what are you.
I don't think you will seek help
of these miserable mortals?

Fly higher, rise to the sky! Hideous Pale Butterfly.
You are in your own wolrd in which i never want to be.
You have whole world just for you, don't invite anyone.
Live alone and die alone, your frient won't let us take you.

Fly! Fly! It is your world. everything belongs to you.
Don't care about anything, just fly.
Fly! Fly above this wooden rocks you were talking about.
Fly to this white pallace in your dream.
Sit down and wait for nothing.

You feel terrible long time.
You can't cope without your pale friend.
Don't worry about the other friends left you.
Your new friend is with you forever.
You still sleep and sit in the corner.
You keep saying these weird things.
Don't be afraid, there comes time when Thanatos
will bring you out of the land of fairy tales.

Fly higher to the sky! To this red clouds!
Red from blood of your pale companion dead friends.

Fly and fly, and when you realise that your wings are not real
fall down and die.
Track Name: Throat for Throat
Who are you? What do you feel now?
You are hiding. You know it's wrong.
Come here, I will show you justice.
You will bleed, you redeem your fault.

Your hand still dripping with blood.
Red blade shines at your neck.
Run away. I want you to be tired.
Fall down and feel your hopelessness.

Eye for Eye! This is first of laws.
Throat for Throat! This is more than justice.

Do you regreet that what you did?
Help me understand - why.
Our tears will turn into your blood.
We will cover up to your crime.

I want to get it back!
I want to get back his life.
I want to get back what you stole from me!

Now they protect you!
You are safe in cage.
But one day I will get you.
And I will not show you mercy.
You will bleed... bleed... and die in pain!
Track Name: ToGetHer
You're looking at us, but you can't see anything.
Around you everything is mediocre.
We see your needs better than you.
Let us come closer.

Because your soul still feels anxiety.
Because your soul still needs our help.
Because your soul is still calling us.
Because your soul is still crying
she needs us to find you.

I am part of something big.
Now we are united.
To find the power of healing souls.
And now we will rise

against hate, against lust,
against greed, against tears,
against death, against pain,
against them, who want to steal you,
against pleasure, against slavery
against war, against fall,
against sin, against world,
against everything what you want,
against you.
Track Name: Invasion
Where humanity gone?
Were they replaced by something?
Is this real invasion?
Or is this just evolving?

Could you spread the world to us
and tell us who we are?
Could you come down here and destroy
that what we became?

Demond took control
of our poor minds.
Child is still screaming
and invasion is progressing.

We have been assimilated
and scheme is obvious.
Generation of faithful servants
cyvilization of ignorance.
Demons in our heads
are turning off our thinking.
We don't have to think,
just follow the orders.

Will you help us
win war of our minds?
Will you be our shield
in these dark times?
Track Name: Sorceress
Once upon a time, when life overwhelmed me,
when I cried cause I was lonely.
I went on a journey around the world
to find someone to save me.

I looked for a very long time, until I met a girl.
Which soon proved to be a Sorceress.
She was so special, she was more than all humans.
And our friendship was something more than spell.

The magic that united us.
Let it last to the end of our days.
Our butterfly will be our patron.
I'm afraid most of the day
when we disconnect...

I never want to see a letter with farewell.
I prefer to think you forgot me.
Live in hope you found happiness.
And cry of longing until i give up.

She is so delicate.
Attacked by her own world.
God in Heaven.
Promis me, she won't give up.

Although at first I couldn't appreciate her
now i know that she is perfect.
Once I almost lost her.
Now I'll watch over her as my own child.

She took my heart.
She took my mind.
She gave me wings.
My sweet Sorceress.

There are just we two around the world.
Don't condemn us to eternal lonelyness.
Although we are for ourselves mystery.
Only we can help each other.
Track Name: Retrospections
They stole us love
when we refused to obey.
So many Butterflies
in the cemetery of my memory.

At last
come with me to past.
And you will see
what they done to me.

They stole us hope
when we wanted to be free.
So many ambitions
in the cemetery of my dreams.