Darkness Will Come With Light

by Oira 317



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released September 22, 2014




Oira 317 Poland

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Track Name: Overwhelmed by Greed
Now! You are standing over the people and see
how near they are to collapse.
Look! Down here and think about us. You will se
you live only thanks to our harm.
How long! Will you feed us poison? It's time
to feed us Uranium.
My soul! Will never die and will haunt you
to the end of your days!

You could create a better world!
You could save the people from doom!
But you're overwhelmed by greed!
Greed, which drowns you in flames!

Your money! Won' save you from our wrath. We are
going to save the last stand souls.
Your hideout! For us is not a barrier, we will
cross it before you will know it!
Your soul! Is running away from you, it is
your only hope of salvation.
Your greed! Will lead you to the corner, from where
you will never run away!

Blood! Dripping from your hands painting bodies, millions
of victims will witness your crimes.
Rain! Of still tears of children of Ares is still
falling down on my brothers!
You are! A fallen child, who want to have the world, everything
and everybody under control.
Now! You are master of the nothing, because
all you wanted to have you destroyed.
Track Name: Nightmareality
Please... let me sleep, because I am afraid of reality.
If you trying to scare me, you don't know what is fear.
Your nightmare is for me... just a rest.
I want to rest with you forever!

Time to wake up----I don't want to wake up!

Even the worst nightmare is better than reality!
Please! Let me stay in your nightmare!

No more life!

No more fear!

Even the worst nightmare is better than reality!
Please! Let me stay in your nightmare!
I'm afraid to wake up! I wish they will find me in dream!
I wish they will destroy my body before i wake up!
Track Name: New Reality Disagreed
Mother killed - child is crying. ["It's their choice."]
Mother killer - child is dying. ["It's their choice."]
White powder - self destruction. ["It's their choice."]
Black powder - genocide. ["It's their choice."]

"They do, what they want. I just make it possible for them.
They want world like this? it's their choice."

One child - million victims. ["It's their choice."]
One megatod - to feed friends. ["It's their choice."]
Violent streets - mercy of gang. ["It's their choice."]
Disobedience - pain and tears. ["It's their choice."]


One child - two fathers. ["It's their choice."]
Neo-Sodom - where is fire? ["It's their choice."]
Kill this one! - Take his money! ["It's their choice."]
Raped girl - Bleeding leg. ["It's their choice."]
One storm - one terror. ["It's their choice."]
One war - apocalypse. ["It's their choice."]
One human - whole world. ["It's their choice."]
New reality - just for you! ["It's their choice."]

Track Name: Lies and Liars
We are the liars...
We say that everything will be fine.
We are afraid to say,
we want a different world.
We comfort ourselves,
we follow only hope.
Nothing will be okay,
If we don't do anything..

I am the liar, you are the liar,
cause we don't want to believe in reality.
My words are lies, your words are lies,
the lies that allows us to smile.

What if we tell ourselves the truth?
Will we never more smile?]
Will we not smile,
when we try to break free?
We reconciled with the world,
which does not suit us.
We gave up.
it will be harder and harder.
Track Name: Symphony for Old Times
Take again my hand.
Bring me to your world.
Please, help me forget.
About all I know.

Symphony for our old times.
When we felt free, we weren't crying.
Reluctance for our old times.
Times of collapsing, and times of dying.

You still don't believe me.
You are blind from light.
You prefer illusion.
But I can't leave you here.
Track Name: Against B.L.
How much did you get for your soul? ["I got what i wanted..."]
How much pleasure give you your stupidity? ["I got what i wanted..."]
How long will you enjoy your tragedy? ["I got what i wanted..."]
How long will you try to deceive me? ["I got what i wanted..."]
Tell me, are you happier now? ["I got what i wanted..."]
How many people did you lie? ["I got what i wanted..."]
Can you see your hopeless future? ["I got what i wanted..."]
You will quickly start to miss what you've lost! ["I got what i wanted..."]
I despise you and your lies.
You let the Demons to enter your flesh.
How much of yourself left in you?
You died and you do not let me save you.

Can't you see that he's soul reaper?!
Stop to worship this damned Lucifer!
Can't you hear that your soul is crying?
Your last hope is still not dying!

You have lost our trust. ["I got what i wanted..."]
You have lost everything you had. ["I got what i wanted..."]
You have lost even yourself. ["I got what i wanted..."]
Now you are owned by Big L.
Track Name: MotherCare
Stand up! I will protect you from death.
Keep calm! I will not allow to hurt you.
Stay here! I won't let them come in here.
Now hide! I will save you from aggression.

Give me a strength to protect you!
Our enemies won't touch you!
If i will fall protecting you!
Be proud of me!

Take Care! Without your care I'll fall.
Once more! Hold me to your chest.
Look here! Show again your love.
Farewell! I can not come back.

For you! I united with my brothers.
For you! Now nobody can beat us.
For you! Our enemies will bleed!
For you! Whey will beg us for forgiveness.
Track Name: Delusional Fermentality
Something disappeared - something now don't exist.
"Searching for delusion..."
Something disappeared - something now don't exist.
"Fermenting illusion..."

"Looking at goal = looking at NOTHING..."

I want to see you falling...
I want to see you screaming...
I want to see you crying...
I want to see you reborn...

I will show you! How it is like to be me!
We will show you! How it is like to be us!
Track Name: Darkest of Days
You said that you fight for freedom!
But you introduces us into slavery!
it's the world you are defending!
You choses the wrong side!

"Where is that freedom? You were fighting for nothing.
They used you to destroying. You are so blind... and so naive.
But you still have hope. I will show you the way...
Before the darkness comes.

Where is your freedom
for which you were fighting?
How can you be so blind
and so much naive?
You need to find a way
of salvation for you.
Before you lose yourself
in coming darkness.

Blue strip suggests freedom!
You're enchanting these psychopaths!
yellow strip suggests innocence!
You will from hand of "poor friend".
Take your blunt weapon!
And crush the serpent's hand!
Take your curved blade!
And cut it out from the flesh!

Where is your promised freedom?
How can you be so naive?
You need to find way for you.
Before you lose in darkness.
Track Name: The World
We have to try
live together,
coexist and
fight together
If we will try
to fight alone
we will fail and
die together.
You can say that
world you living
is perfect and
faultless for you,
but when they will
show their faces,
it will be to
late for fighting.

This is the world we created,
World of hatred, tears and sorrow.
Is this what we wanted so far?
Let's together build the new world!

Wake up! Wake up!
Something is wrong.
I thing that we
made a mistake.
This world is
of your nightmares
cant you see it?
Screaming! Crying!
Plea for help.
Children suffers,
losing mother.
Skinny mortal,
bleeding victims,
senseless of live
desire of death.