Mental Breakdown

from by Oira 317



Hey, Silence! You are
my only companion in a world
in which i hid.
Hey, Silence! I loved
more than life, you're my lady.
I cuddle up to your chest.
Hey, Silence! In you are
all my thoughts.
Hear the voice of my heart.
Hey, Silence! Only you
can understand me.
Can't you see I'm close to surrender?

Hear the scream for help of an Angel
who can't return to Heaven
cause he lost his wings and cry... and cry...
Hear the scream for help of a human
who can't return to live that
rejected him. He screams... he screams...

Hey Heart! Which has
stopped beating.
Died along with the remnants of hope.
Hey Heart! In which
lurks remnants of feelings
stiffled by fear.
Hey Heart! You want
to beat for your lady but you're afraid
that you will crack.
Hey Heart! Wounded
a thousand times.
Let hurt you again,

Feel, feel the despair of Angel.
He's trapped in the world
he created in his mind.
Feel, feel the despair of human
who couldn't be the human
and he gave up.

Now, now I'm sitting here alone.
Even the Silence left me.
No one remained in my hear.
Now, now i'm sitting here alone.
Nobody will visid me
until I die...


from Butterflies, released July 11, 2015




Oira 317 Poland

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