Pale Butterfly

from by Oira 317



You ran away from the false world.
Now even your senses are trying to deceive you.

Flesh behind the mirror tell you
that your body is decaying from inside.
In reflection you see yourself skinny and pale.
What happened to your black eyes?
They tell you that you lost touch with reality.
They don't understand what are you.
I don't think you will seek help
of these miserable mortals?

Fly higher, rise to the sky! Hideous Pale Butterfly.
You are in your own wolrd in which i never want to be.
You have whole world just for you, don't invite anyone.
Live alone and die alone, your frient won't let us take you.

Fly! Fly! It is your world. everything belongs to you.
Don't care about anything, just fly.
Fly! Fly above this wooden rocks you were talking about.
Fly to this white pallace in your dream.
Sit down and wait for nothing.

You feel terrible long time.
You can't cope without your pale friend.
Don't worry about the other friends left you.
Your new friend is with you forever.
You still sleep and sit in the corner.
You keep saying these weird things.
Don't be afraid, there comes time when Thanatos
will bring you out of the land of fairy tales.

Fly higher to the sky! To this red clouds!
Red from blood of your pale companion dead friends.

Fly and fly, and when you realise that your wings are not real
fall down and die.


from Butterflies, released July 11, 2015




Oira 317 Poland

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