Room for Souls

from by Oira 317



I feel something. Is that you?
Come over here, take your place.
I can not see you, but I know you're here.
Stay with me forever if you can and if you want.

In my foom for our souls
just you and me.
And nobody can find us.
And nobody can hurt you.
Stay here, it's your hime
But without you it's my hell.
You're the one i trust
but I can't show you what i feel.

Your holy gentle soul
is not afraid of my darkness.
Our uniqueness has joined us.
Our souls are now united.

Stay here one more day.
I want to take your cross.
Your sadness is the nail.
And I am your hand.

We sit here.
You're looking at nothing.
You're crying
when i hold your hand.
Your eyes as dark as shadow
look out way in the void.
You can not leave the room
cause you are my way.


from Butterflies, released July 11, 2015




Oira 317 Poland

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