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Once upon a time, when life overwhelmed me,
when I cried cause I was lonely.
I went on a journey around the world
to find someone to save me.

I looked for a very long time, until I met a girl.
Which soon proved to be a Sorceress.
She was so special, she was more than all humans.
And our friendship was something more than spell.

The magic that united us.
Let it last to the end of our days.
Our butterfly will be our patron.
I'm afraid most of the day
when we disconnect...

I never want to see a letter with farewell.
I prefer to think you forgot me.
Live in hope you found happiness.
And cry of longing until i give up.

She is so delicate.
Attacked by her own world.
God in Heaven.
Promis me, she won't give up.

Although at first I couldn't appreciate her
now i know that she is perfect.
Once I almost lost her.
Now I'll watch over her as my own child.

She took my heart.
She took my mind.
She gave me wings.
My sweet Sorceress.

There are just we two around the world.
Don't condemn us to eternal lonelyness.
Although we are for ourselves mystery.
Only we can help each other.


from Butterflies, released July 11, 2015




Oira 317 Poland

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