Throat for Throat

from by Oira 317



Who are you? What do you feel now?
You are hiding. You know it's wrong.
Come here, I will show you justice.
You will bleed, you redeem your fault.

Your hand still dripping with blood.
Red blade shines at your neck.
Run away. I want you to be tired.
Fall down and feel your hopelessness.

Eye for Eye! This is first of laws.
Throat for Throat! This is more than justice.

Do you regreet that what you did?
Help me understand - why.
Our tears will turn into your blood.
We will cover up to your crime.

I want to get it back!
I want to get back his life.
I want to get back what you stole from me!

Now they protect you!
You are safe in cage.
But one day I will get you.
And I will not show you mercy.
You will bleed... bleed... and die in pain!


from Butterflies, released July 11, 2015




Oira 317 Poland

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