Wingless Angel

from by Oira 317



I arrived as you asked,
so look into my bloodshot eyes.
Teach me how to be a human.
I feel like a stranger here.
You teach me pain and suffermng.
I'm choking on my own tears.
You painted me my own blood.
I just wanted to love and be loved.

Cage in which your soul lives
manipulated by mind
controlled by human nature
steered by demonic scum.
You slicing my heart.
You slit throats of my children.
Plumage and bones of my wings...
and blood! And blood from my eyes!

I arrived, but i shouldnt.
You're worse than i thought.
I want to fly away, but I don't have wings.
You cut them with great delight,
You swam in my blood.
You stole my plumage.
You won't fly away anywhere.
You cut yourself your own heads.

It's you! Look at the mirror.
It's my shiny blood
spilling out of your mouth
while you smile at them.
Your body come crashing down
cause I don't want you to be here.
You're the one who created me.
I'm child, I'm child of your lies!


from Butterflies, released July 11, 2015




Oira 317 Poland

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