Your Umbrella

from by Oira 317



Please, let me wipe your tears.

Will you look at the shadow on the wall
which will be looking at you?
Drops of our bodies will split together
before evaporate and disappear.
One moment of our love will be
seeling of the past.
Remember me when come upon me
rain of your murderous tears.

Pour over me your tears, despair,
let us fell your sadness.
Let it penetrate our bodies
and dissolve our human shells.
Unleash our sad souls
from the endless fight for life.
Fight that last from birth and will last
to the advent of silence.

Please, leave your umbrella for you,
let it protect you from tears.
Hide under it before Ares
will cry over your head.

If I hurt you, I'm sorry.
Let me wipe your tears.
Please, don't cry over others.
They are not guilty of anything.
I want you crying just for me.


from Butterflies, released July 11, 2015




Oira 317 Poland

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